Our Story


My Life Designs

Kimbra founded my life designs in 1999 after seeing a locket she loved, but questioned why photos always have to be hidden inside a locket.  She felt that stories and memories should not only be shared, but shown off.  She designed the process for sealing the images, and began producing orders out of her home.


My Life Designs

After much trial and error, Kimbra perfected the production  method to ensure charms could withstand water, heat and anything else life throw at them, so they will last a lifetime.

After a couple years of amazing growth, Kimbra moved my life designs out of her home and into a new facility – along with hiring her first two employees.


My Life Designs

Looking to expand the business, Kimbra began attending trade shows and found some amazing opportunities with large online retailers.  The team designed specific product for and secured contracts with multiple online partners.  In addition to these relationships, photographers lined up to carry high quality products in their studios to offer as an add-on to their clients.  The business grew tremendously year over year during this time.


My Life Designs

As they say, every rose has it’s thorns.  During recessive years, decreases in spending and the loss of major accounts, the company was severely impacted financially.  The Kimbra office relocated several times , hanging on and continuing to believe in the dream was not an easy decision.  Looking back, these were extremely difficult years but ones we would never trade.  They made us stronger and more grateful.


Kimbra & Co

It was time for a re-brand, so Kimbra decided to rename the company Kimbra & Co.

Patient, gradual, continued growth leads us to be better than ever!  Consistent attention to quality and detail are the pillars that keep the company strong and set us apart from other photo personalization companies out there.  Many people do what we do, few offer the quality.



As the company continues to grow and evolve, we are proud to say that most of Kimbra’s core team from the beginning of this journey are still with the company!  They are more than employees, they believe in the business just as much as Kimbra does and you see it in what you purchase.  A ton of love and care goes into everything we do.  We have a close team that loves personalizing product for you!