Welcome to our first post of our newest facet to the KIMBRA brand:  a blog about your memories, ours, and the objects in between.

Today, we ask some of our employees: 
What does Jewelry mean to you?
Jackii, our fearless VP says “I like to wear very simple clothing, so jewelry for me is a way to add some personality into my outfit.  I love to collect jewelry when I travel, so every piece I own is something meaningful to me.”

Beth, our long-term resin fabricator, responds with “My favorite pieces of jewelry reflect what's closest to my heart.”

Robyn, one of Kimbra’s first employees, says “I like to wear a lot of turquoise, so my jewelry reflects my unique energy and personality.”

Abi, our digital designer, feels that "my jewelry makes me feel empowered and stylish. I feel like I can take on anything with my hoops on."

Kimbra, our president, founder and fashion icon, shares “I want the jewelry I wear to reflect me: my style, my look, my mood."

Jewelry at KIMBRA reflects 22 years of resilience, love, and memories. We all have our own personal style and show it off in our own ways. So, what does Jewelry mean to you?
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