With staying home becoming the new standard, the housewarming etiquette we’ve come to know and love has truly changed for good. Gone are the days of bringing flowers or a bottle of wine over to ring in your friend’s new chateau. So how can we make our friends feel at home when we’re stuck cozied up at our own? Check out these meaningful and unique housewarming tokens that will set you aside as this year’s gift-giving MVP.

If your friends are newlyweds,
you know they have a million
photos of the ceremony. Lucky
for you, they probably posted
them on social media. What
better way to commemorate
their love than by featuring
the new Mr and Mrs title on an
engraved frame? We can also
print photos for the frame, so
it easily ships straight from
us to the happy couple.


Maybe you want something that
your friends will use everyday.
Check out the Always Pan by Our
Place. This award-winning set
is the perfect pair to something
a little more sentimental. Give
them the gift of “see you soon”
with a pan that says “can’t wait
to see you for dinner”.



Not a cooking family? Try a
totally custom gift like one of
our Lumbar Pillow covers. Made
with a washable soft-woven
polyester, this gift is perfect
for your friends with kids who
need something a little more
indestructible. Choose from 6
designs, including our newest
Valentino pillow.

The past year has really set the bar high for maintaining your long-distance friendships, so making every moment count is so important. Build memories to come with housewarming gifts that are sentimental, beautiful, and show that you care.
March 15, 2021 — Abi Morgan

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